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The Importance of online marketing to an offline business

Your customers are online, they are searching for what you sell, and they are probably using their mobile phone.
Are you making it easy for customers to find you?

More and more local business owners are realizing the need for an integrated online and offline strategy. But many still have not embraced this simple fact. There are some key components to an effective online strategy that can not be ignored. First of all, a website or a blog such as this one with a clear call-to-action is an absolute must. Second, a presence on social media coupled with an effective social media strategy is just as important. Local SEO (search engine optimization) is what helps customers find you using search engines like Google...critical. Effective email management is vital, an autoresponder is an excellent way to communicate with customers and stay in touch even at 3am. Finally, a CRM (customer relationship management) system is necessary to properly record data, manage the customer relationship, and provide valuable insights. These are the very basic fundementals for an effective online strategy, once in place traffic becomes your priority. Here are some statistics to demonstrate the importance of an online digital strategy...

  • Customers use Search

    This is the percentage of consumers who use Google to find a local business every month

  • customers are buying

    This is the percentage of local search results that result in a purchase

  • Customers are on social

    Percentage of consumers who's purchase decisions were influenced “somewhat or greatly” by social media

  • Businesses Missing Out

    Percentage of Small Businesses who have not claimed their local listing on Google or are unsure if they have.

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